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When Repairing a Heater Isn’t Enough

When you notice that your heating system is failing, you hope for the best as you pick up the phone to call a technician. You want to be able to get the repairs you need quickly and you’re probably hoping that your heater won’t need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, it could be the case that your heating system is failing and that you need a new system, but this gives you the opportunity to find a high-efficiency replacement. On the other hand, you might be able to get by for another couple of years with a repair, and you might not want to spend money on a new system if this is the case.

How to tell if you need repair or replacement

It would be difficult for you to assess on your own whether a repair or a replacement was your best option. A technician with years of experience in the heating industry is a lot more qualified, but there are some times when you may need to make the final decision. Here’s when replacement could be best:

  • When a repair would cost more than half the price of a new system anyway.
  • When you make repairs time and time again for a system that doesn’t even keep you comfortable.
  • When you pay way too much on monthly heating costs.
  • When you want a more efficient high-performance system that saves you money.

Finding a good replacement

Of course, you want to make sure that a replacement system is the right fit for your home, but this is tough to do if you have no experience. Make sure your technicians take the time to size your home and see that the new system will be just the right fit. If it’s a little too small or a little too big, it could become overworked. You also might want to look out for special features, like modulating furnaces that are highly accurate with temperatures. And a high-efficiency system can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

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