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Can I Buy Used AC Equipment for Cheaper?

Operating your air conditioner in the hottest months is already costly at times, so we know you want to save money wherever you can on your cooling costs. Some people attempt to do this by shopping around for the cheapest AC system, something that we strongly recommend against. This can result in a greater cost overall—especially if the air conditioning equipment is already used.

It’s Used for a Reason

If you bought used air conditioning equipment at a low price, there’s probably a good reason for that. The equipment didn’t work for the previous owner, either due to a mechanical issue or a sizing issue. While the latter might not seem like a problem, it probably became somewhat worn down before anyone noticed a problem.

That extra wear and tear can make a difference in your bills and the overall lifespan of your AC system!

It Might Not Be Right for Your Home

Air conditioners come in different sizes, as you may know. But what you might not know is that only one size is appropriate for your home.

Choosing air conditioning equipment based solely on price means that you might not get the equipment that’s right for your home. If it’s too small, it can become overworked attempting to cool a larger square footage than what it was made for. If it is too big, it cools the room too quickly, resulting in short-cycling and frequent operation that can eventually wear down the components.

Choose Qualified Technicians

Qualified AC and heating technicians do not recommend used air conditioning equipment, except in a very special circumstance. The best way to save money on air conditioning is to work with a qualified technician.

The best technicians will do whatever possible to ensure that your air conditioning equipment is installed properly, so that it runs smoothly and costs as little to run as possible. They can help you find rebates for high-efficiency air conditioning systems and make sure you get answers to your sizing and efficiency questions.

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