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3 Things to Know about Replacing an Older Furnace

We do not recommend keeping a furnace around for longer than about 15 years. Some can still run just fine after this point, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. After this time, furnaces struggle to work efficiently, and the safety switches may not work properly. If it’s just about time for your new furnace, we have advice that may help you know a little bit more about the transition.

You Shouldn’t Hold On to the Old One for Too Long

If you think your heater is almost done for (or if you’ve gotten that diagnosis from a professional technician), we don’t recommend waiting to get it replaced. Heating system replacement can and should take some time. You need to take time to think about which system is right for your house.

When a heating system breaks down completely, you no longer have time to plan. Suddenly, you have to drop everything to call in a technician so that you and your family members don’t freeze! Plus, it typically costs more to install a new heater when it’s an emergency, and it’s probably costing you too much to run right now anyway.

Efficiency Ratings Are Higher than They Once Were

It’s worth it to choose a high-efficiency heating system over one with average efficiency ratings. While you may pay more upfront, the difference in your bills can be shocking. Choose a furnace with an AFUE (annual fuel efficiency ratio) of over 95 for the best results and energy savings. And ask your technician about two-stage and variable speed furnaces.

It’s No Job for a Handyman

If you are replacing an older furnace, you must have a professional HVAC technician do the work. Many people turn to a handyman or even a friend or someone recommended by a friend with limited experience to do the work. There is really no substitute for a professional heating technician. You need someone with the right tools and plenty of experience and training on furnaces of all types and sizes.

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