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3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

It turns out that the quality of the air inside of buildings is often worse than the outside air—sometimes about 3-5 times worse. You may have started to notice the signs of poor air quality, whether people are coughing and sneezing, or you just feel like the air is stuffy and stale.

We’ve got a few tips for you to help keep the home’s air comfortable and healthy. Call our helpful indoor air quality specialists for more information!

#1: Don’t Skip a Week of Cleaning

A lot of dust and debris can build up in your home in just a few short days. Even though you cannot see them, the little particles in your carpet or on the ceiling fan can cause a lot of trouble for the people in your home with allergies and asthma. Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and mopping once a week can make a lot of difference if someone in the family is suffering to get through the spring.

#2: Get a Whole-House Air Filtration System

If symptoms are bad enough, we always recommend a whole-house air filtration or purification system over a portable plug-in unit. A whole-house system works along with your HVAC system to clean the air moving through it, so particles are not just forced back out into the air you breathe. An air filter often isn’t always effective enough, especially if someone in the family has asthma or severe allergies.

#3: Let the Fresh Air In

Finally, we recommend that you let some fresh air in from time to time so that your air doesn’t start to feel stale and stuffy. This can be achieved by opening up a couple of windows. But, of course, that will harm the efficiency of your AC and heating systems if you’re trying to run those too.

You can get a ventilation system that lets fresh air in without harming HVAC efficiency. Ask our technicians about installing an ERV (energy recovery ventilator) or HRV (heat recovery ventilator).

Call Bartels Heating & Cooling to get control over your indoor air quality in Hamilton, OH.

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