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Efficiency Matters with a New Air Conditioning Installation

When you’re shopping around for a new AC installation, you may feel tempted to look for the cheapest system you can find. Unfortunately, this may mean you have to pay more to operate your air conditioner later on, at a higher cost to you overall.

Remember that the efficiency of your air conditioner matters and will make a huge difference when those summer bills come rolling in. Here’s what you should know.

Never Buy Used Equipment

There’s a reason someone did not keep on using it. If a technician offers you used air conditioning equipment at a cheaper price because it has been used, do not accept! Old air conditioning systems cannot run as efficiently with new ones and there is more likely to be a hidden problem within the system that will make things more difficult later on or result in a system breakdown.

Besides, it might not be properly sized for your home, and that has a major impact on whether or not the system works properly and efficiently. If it’s only slightly oversized or undersized, it may short cycle or become overworked and break down before its time should have been up.

Look for the ENERGY STAR Seal

We might not need our air conditioning systems as much as they do in a place like Texas. That doesn’t mean we should ignore AC efficiency. The efficiency of your air conditioner will make a difference on your summer bills and the level of wear and tear your AC system endures over the years. Choosing a quality AC system with a good efficiency rating can also help the environment.

The ENERGY STAR seal verifies that a particular system is good for the environment and can save you money every month, but it won’t suffer in terms of performance. Ask a local technician for help selecting a system.

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