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Why Does My New AC Cost So Much to Run?

If you’ve just upgraded your air conditioner, you expect it to run smoothly and efficiently. And rightfully so. Today’s air conditioning systems are so much more efficient than they were 15 years ago or even a decade ago, and any upgrade should result in a higher efficiency level than for a system that was running slowly after many years of use.

So when your new AC is not giving you the results you expect, you become alarmed. Should you be worried about the high cost of electricity? We think so. In most cases, this indicates a serious problem that your technician should address.

An Oversized System

Sometimes, technicians overcompensate on sizing an AC system, choosing a larger one than is really needed. This comes at a higher cost to you upfront, but it also results in a higher cost over time. That’s because a larger system will short-cycle. It cools a room too quickly, forcing it to turn on and shut down too frequently, which also wears down the parts and uses a lot of energy.

An Undersized System

On the other hand, your new AC might be too small for the space in your home. It can’t sufficiently cool your home, but it may keep trying, using a lot of energy to cool a large space and breaking down prematurely, most likely.

A Broken Part

Of course, it’s also possible that the system is just broken. It could be a result of carelessness on the part of the technician—but this is not likely if you’ve chosen a qualified team for the installation. It’s possible that a small electrical problem was came up after a few days, and that your technician could not have caught the issue during an initial inspection and run.

Find out whether the system is under warranty. Read the terms and know that your warranty could be void if you have not chosen industry professionals to install your system.

Call the professional at Bartels Heating & Cooling for service for your air conditioning system in Mason, OH or for a new efficient AC installation.

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