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Considering Radiant Heating? Here Are Some Pros and Cons

radiant-heating-tubesWe offer HVAC service in Cincinnati, OH for a wide range of heating system types, including radiant heating systems. Radiant heating covers a type of heating that most people associate with boilers: water is heated in a boiler tank then pumped to different parts of the house where it heats up objects in rooms, such as radiators, baseboard heaters, or in-floor tubing. In-floor radiant heating is a popular option for new homes and remodels, and if you’re currently considering a new heating system for your house, radiant heating may be on the list.

But is it the right choice? The best way to find out is to call our heating experts for a consultation. We can help you navigate the choices to locate the right HVAC system for your house. 

Below we’re going to look at some of the basic pros and cons of residential radiant heating systems. This will help you start thinking about your options.

The Pros

  • There are few better heating choices that “feel” better than radiant systems. They’re more toasty and cozy than forced-air systems like furnaces. In-floor heating is especially pleasant, since everyone loves warm floors to step onto on a chilly morning.
  • Radiant systems have high energy efficiency because water is a more effective heat transfer medium than air. You can expect to pay less for your winter heating.
  • Instead of blowing air around the ceiling, taking a long time to spread through a room, radiant systems evenly spread heat through a space, raising the temperature quickly and eliminating cold spots. 
  • Radiant systems run with very little noise.
  • Without ductwork and fans that blow around dust, radiant systems make for cleaner indoor air quality.

The Cons

  • For a home that already has ductwork installed, it’s not cost-effective to go through the installation of an entirely separate heating system with a boiler, pipes, and various terminal points. 
  • In-floor heating is labor-intensive when done as a retrofit for a current house because the flooring must be removed. It’s best done as part of constructing a new house or during an extensive remodeling project.
  • Boiler pipes are susceptible to freezing the same way that plumbing pipes are. 
  • The installation cost of radiant heating is often higher than putting in a heat pump or furnace. Even with the potential savings from energy efficiency, a radiant system may not fit a household’s current budget.

We Have the Answers and Service You Need

So now you’re 1) sold on getting radiant heating, 2) thinking you’ll stick with a furnace or heat pump, or 3) still unsure how best to heat your house. It’s fine to be at any of these stages—it’s why you have our experts around to assist you. 

If you want to know more about radiant heating, we can provide all the information you need and give you an idea of your heating future. We won’t push you to get an HVAC system that isn’t right for you. We’ve been helping homes in Hamilton, OH and the surrounding area since 1973, and we know how best to provide comfort and energy-savings. 

Call Bartels Heating & Cooling “For a Comfortable Way of Life”!

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