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Does Your Commercial Heater Need Repair?

Business owners have plenty of things to worry about on a daily basis, and your commercial heating system shouldn’t be one of them. A good way to stay ahead of potential breakdowns is to be aware of the signs that indicate a problem has developed. Getting ahead of a problem is the best way to avoid dealing with a bigger issue, so as soon as you detect any kind of anomaly with your heating system, call the commercial HVAC pros from Bartels Heating & Cooling to help.

Signs That Something Is Amiss

You don’t have to be an expert to keep an eye out for these potential problems:

  • Tepid air – when no air is coming from your heating system, there’s clearly an issue, but tepid air can be a bit misleading. Lots of times it can be tempting to see if the tepid air is just a hiccup in the system, so you wait it out – only to find more tepid air. There can be a number of reasons why your heating system isn’t providing the warm air needed, and the sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you.
  • Odors – unless you have arranged to have a scent dispersed into your commercial space, you should not smell anything emitting from the vents or registers of your commercial heating system. Of particular concern are burning smells. As soon as you smell any kind of odor, especially a burning smell, it is time to call us for help.
  • Sudden, very high bills – if you recently got a bill for your heating system that was excessively high, there is likely an issue somewhere in the heating system. There can be any number of reasons why a heating system starts to consume more energy, so let our experts figure that out.

Get ahead of the winter weather in West Chester by getting your commercial heating issues handled by our pros – call today!

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