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What Can a Professional HVAC Contractor Do That Amateurs Can’t?

hand-holding-wrenchIf you’re asking this question, you may be on the verge of making a big mistake: hiring a non-professional to fix your AC or install a new one rather than calling a Fairfield, OH, HVAC contractor with proper licensing and credentials—i.e. professionals.

We know why you’re tempted. Amateurs can talk big. They make promises at cut-rate prices, and it sounds like you’ll get a great deal. Hey, they’ve got a truck! And the name of the business is on its side! Maybe they even have a website. It’s going to be fine … right?

Nope, it’s not. Amateur work has serious consequences, because amateurs can’t do what the pros can:

Fix a problem long-term

A non-professional who doesn’t have training or the certification to prove it will likely approach any repair for an AC or heater with the “fast fix” in mind. The amateur wants to get your money and get out of there, so when the problem comes back a short time later, you’re stuck. Professionals are committed to forming long-term customer relationships, and that means a commitment to getting repairs done that stay repaired.

Complete jobs on time

Professionals can get repairs and installations done on schedule. They’ve done these jobs many times, and they have the finest tools available to them. They won’t hurry the work, but they will still be able to complete a job much faster (not to mention better) than an amateur can.

Provide accurate diagnoses

A huge part of repairing an AC or heater is understanding what is causing the problem in the first place. Amateurs may simply guess at what’s wrong and end up making a “repair” that didn’t need to be done, leaving the real problem unsolved.

Keep you safe

This is a major concern when it comes to any gas-powered heating system, but it applies to electrically powered units as well, such as air conditioners. If an amateur messes around with the electrical components of an air conditioner, it could lead to power surges, tripped breakers, and even electrical fires. Professionals put safety first.

Guarantee your legal protections

One of the key things that separates an amateur from a professional is insurance. Professionals must be able to show they have a state-determined level of liability and workers compensation insurance. Without this, you may end up liable if a worker damages your house or suffers an injury while on your property. This is a big risk when it comes to working with amateurs.

Be honest with you

If an amateur could truly be honest with you, they would say “Don’t hire me, hire a professional.” Skilled and licensed HVAC technicians base their reputation on providing honest answers to clients about the best service for them, such as when to repair or replace a system, and what new air conditioning system will best work for you. Amateurs will say anything to get you to pay more for something you don’t need.

We are local professionals with NATE-certified technicians and an accredited business with the BBB, as well as the recipients of numerous awards and a licensed Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. You can trust us with your HVAC needs.

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