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Are Heat Pumps Really That Great?

cool-house-hot-houseYou probably landed on this blog post because you’re currently thinking about replacing your old AC before the summer heat starts. You’ve heard about heat pumps and how they are an excellent option for an HVAC replacement since they work as both cooling and heating systems. But are heat pumps really good options for you to consider? Are they really as fantastic as you hear?

The answer is “Yes, but …” We’ll explain more below.

Heat Pumps Offer Superb Benefits

Yes, heat pumps are fantastic appliances that can completely change the way you provide comfort to your house. A heat pump isn’t much different from the central air conditioning system you currently have. It uses the same process of circulating refrigerant to move heat from one place to another that an AC uses. Unlike an AC, a heat pump can switch the direction it moves heat so it can either remove heat from the house (cooling mode) or bring heat into the house from outside (heating mode). All it takes to go from one mode to the other is a change on the thermostat.

There are other heat pumps benefits. They have much higher energy efficiency in heating mode than other types of electrically powered heaters, like electric furnaces. They also send around a heat that’s much more cozy-feeling than the heat from forced-air furnaces.

Heat Pumps Are Not Ideal for All Situations

Here’s the second part of “Yes, but …” Although heat pumps are great for many homes, they are not the right unit for all homes and all situations. For example:

  • Heat pumps are more expensive than standard air conditioners. If you are only planning to replace your air conditioner rather than both your air conditioner and heater, a heat pump isn’t a cost-effective choice. To get a proper return on investment on a heat pump, it needs to work around the year to heat and cool, not just one of those jobs.
  • Homes that use natural gas to power their furnaces are probably best staying with natural gas heaters. Natural gas is an inexpensive fuel source that burns cleanly, and gas furnaces create high levels of heat. Heat pumps work best as heaters for homes that rely exclusively on electricity.
  • Heat pumps can lose their energy efficiency in heat mode when the temperatures outdoor are extremely cold—and we often experience cold days that can put a heat pump to the test. There’s an option to have a dual fuel heat pump put in, but please ask a professional about the most cost-effective and comfortable solution for your needs.

Let the Experts Help You

For any air conditioning service in Cincinnati, OH—and that includes installing a heat pump—always ask for the assistance of a licensed expert. Our technicians will make sure you have a new AC or heat pump that matches your home, budget, and other requirements. We have more than 40 years of history keeping our customers happy and comfortable in their homes.

“For a Comfortable Way of Life” call on Bartels Heating & Cooling! We install heat pump and dual fuel systems.

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