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How to Get Control Over Humidity in Your House

woman-before-fanLate summer is often when the worst heat strikes. It also is when humidity tends to rise and make the heat feel far worse, as well as cause a spectrum of other problems (mold growth, wood warping). If you are experiencing terrible humidity this end of summer, possibly worse than you’ve run into before, there are a few services you can look into to help with the problem. Below we’ll go over some of what may help you with getting humidity down to comfortable levels (approximately 45% relative humidity).

Replace an Old Air Conditioner

First, we have to stress this point: an air conditioning system on its own is not specifically a dehumidifier. Some AC’s are designed with dehumidifier controls, but the standard air conditioners are not equipped to lower high humidity levels. However, an air conditioner that is beginning to lose cooling capacity will cause humidity to spike. It’s one of the major warning signs of a dying AC. When the air conditioner is running normally, it absorbs some moisture along with the heat, which is why you hear water dripping inside the unit. When the AC starts losing cooling capacity, that moisture remains in the air as well—leading to high humidity levels. If you have higher humidity than normal and an AC more than 15 years old, time to get a replacement.

Install a Correctly Sized Air Conditioner

One of the reasons it’s necessary for professionals to install an air conditioner is to ensure the new system is the right size to provide cooling for the house. An AC that is too small for the home it’s installed in will not only fail to cool the house and run constantly, it will lead to higher humidity because the system cannot do the baseline job expected of it. If you suspect your AC was poorly installed, call our technicians to see about replacing it.

Install a Dehumidifier

If you have an effective and professionally installed air conditioner, but still have the humidity blues, we recommend calling us for a dehumidifier installation. Dehumidifiers in Oxford, OH can help combat extremely high relative humidity with the precision an AC on its own can’t. We’ll install the dehumidifier so it works in tandem with the AC and won’t end up over-cooling the house or making the air too try.

Have the Ductwork Inspected and Repaired

Leaking air ducts or poorly installed ducts are another major source for humidity troubles. Air circulation is critical for the proper distribution of air around the house to avoid stuffy conditions, and leaks inside the ducts allow humid air from closed-off areas of the house to infiltrate the ductwork. We have technicians who can find out if your ductwork needs sealing. Not only will sealing the ducts reduce humidity problems, it will improve HVAC system performance and help you get control of your bills.

Reach out to our team for indoor air quality and air conditioning help this summer.

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