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Why You Should Always Install New AC Equipment

ac-junkyardBuying used, or “previously owned,” makes sense in many avenues of daily life. For example, purchasing used books is a great investment. Used furniture is often a terrific bargain, and a smartly bought used car bought can provide many years of service.

But what about purchasing a used air conditioning system? This is a situation where buying used isn’t a bargain. In fact, it can cause many problems and is a money-waster, not a saver. When you call a professional contractor for air conditioning service in Middletown, OH to install a cooling system, they’ll always install a new system because they know the benefits.

Why a New Air Conditioning System Is the Superior Choice

There are several reasons HVAC installers put in new systems, rather than older ones.

  • The warranty: In some cases, a warranty on an older system can be transferred. But this isn’t to transfer ownership to someone who wishes to have the old system put into their house; it’s for when a new owner purchases the house and inherits the air conditioner. Usually, a warranty can’t be transferred when a system is moved to a new location. Having a manufacturer’s warranty is an essential protection in case of factory faults and breakdowns. Without a warranty, you might be caught with an expensive repair that would otherwise be covered.
  • Fewer repairs: As an AC ages, it will need more repair services to keep it going. Putting in a used system means you’re already facing an uphill battle with repairs, where a new system should mean many years without the need to pay for any repairs.
  • Quieter operation: Another effect of an aging air conditioner is how much noise it makes. And this isn’t just due to age, but technology. The newest air conditioning systems have quieter operations than ever before.
  • Energy efficiency: Even an AC that’s received fantastic routine maintenance all its life (and you have no guarantee this is the case on a used AC) will start to lose efficiency as it grows older and costs more to run. A newer AC will not only be in the best shape, it will have superior efficiency thanks to recent developments in energy-using technology.
  • Proper match to your home: When looking for a used air conditioner, you’ll be in a “take what you can get” mode. But a central air conditioning system must be properly sized for a house. Otherwise, it will waste power and struggle to keep the space cooled. When you go with a new system, the professionals will ensure you have the right system for your home.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of going new rather than used, don’t fret! When old ACs are removed, they’re “recycled”: the refrigerant is removed to be reused and many parts are also reused for new construction. A brand-new system is actually better for the environment than an over-the-hill one. Let our technicians recycle your old AC and start you off with a fresh new one.

Work with Bartels Heating & Cooling “for a comfortable way of life.” We’ll help you get the best new air conditioning system for your house.

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