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The Benefits of Packaged Rooftop HVAC Units

rooftop-unit-commercialWhen it comes to providing heating and air conditioning to commercial spaces, the most popular option is the packaged rooftop unit. You’re familiar with these—you see them on top of most commercial buildings, and they’re popular locations for chases and shootouts in movies. But rooftop units are common for a reason, and it’s not just to give movie heroes a place to run for cover during an action scene.

The Basic Benefits of Rooftop HVAC Units

What are the reasons you see so many rooftop HVAC units for commercial buildings? Here are a few:


The original reason that HVAC units were placed on the tops of buildings was because there weren’t other spaces available. Early central HVAC systems for commercial buildings were added onto structures in the middle of crowded downtown areas where there was no space around the structure for the large units needed to condition the building. Up on the roof, they don’t take up valuable real-estate—and they’re less prone to suffering from damage or vandalism.

Improved energy efficiency

Modern rooftop HVAC units are available in higher efficiencies (SEER and HSPF) than other types of commercial cooling and heating. They also have more ventilation options available (such as putting in a humidistat) which can help improve indoor air quality.

Easy to access

“But the roof isn’t easy to access!” you might think. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you or anyone else in your company to go out on the roof. It’s not safe. But rooftop units are easy to access for professional technicians. They don’t have to be around the work area creating clutter. The “packaged” part is helpful here as well. Unlike split-system ACs and heat pumps, which have components in cabinets that are both inside and outside the building, all the components of the HVAC system are in the rooftop cabinet. Technicians can handle repairs and maintenance from one spot.

Quieter operation

You don’t normally hear the noise of the air conditioner or heater inside a workplace, only the slight whooshing of air. This is because rooftop units store all the mechanical components, such as the compressor and the fans, far away from the working space.


If you look at the roof of a typical commercial building, you’ll see multiple packaged HVAC units. This is because these systems are designed to be modular so they can grow as a business does or as a business’ needs change. This isn’t possible using convention split-system air conditioners that must use indoor components as well.

Commercial HVAC Installation and More

If you are looking for Lebanon, OH commercial HVAC services, we recommend talking to our team to find out more about the installation of packaged rooftop HVAC units. We offer light commercial HVAC installation (under 25 tons) in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Our services include new installations, replacements, repairs, and regular maintenance. We also work with commercial generators to help give customers peace of mind.

Bartels Heating & Cooling offers light commercial HVAC service to local businesses. Call today for an estimate or to schedule service.

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